Statistical stuff

On this page, you can find some programs that I've written for Stata.


There are a number of different country classification used for data which sometimes makes merging different datasets difficult. I have written an ado file that translates between a few of the different coding schemes: Correlates of War, IMF, World Bank, Banks, and country names. The syntax is: ccode , from(database) to(database) gen(). The names of the databases are COW, IMF, WB, Banks, and cty.


Dropbox has made collaboration between researchers much easier. Because people have dropbox on different locations on their computers, it may make sharing do files more cumbersome. Dropbox is a simple command that looks for the root dropbox directory in a few of the most common places.


Stata package for conducting causal mediation analysis and sensitivity analysis (written with Dustin Tingley). The most recent version of the package is available from SSC. In Stata, type "ssc install mediation" to download the package.


Computes predicted probabilities for xtprobit or xtlogit at specific values of indepedent variables. The syntax is xtprval varname , at(numlist) rest(mean, min, max)