objects 2 (subjects)

• human (tomiwa aladekomo)

photograph (amber arnold)

isis (meg baker)

recycled (aimee bell)

• natalie bell (natalie bell)

jesus (acacia berry)

• eflux (julia chang)

• receipt (patch crowley)

screen (adeola enigbokan)

balikbayan box 2 (johanna fausto)

sacred in place (aditi halbe)

• confederate flag (lain hart)

viking comb (aaron kendall)

• guitar (ruth kennedy)

• bugaboo (laura kramer)

• prayer beads (christina lo)

• mirror (george manas)

emotive objects (sekai maswoswe)

• time (emily morris)

• aqueduct (rebecca reidel)

hollow log coffin (lesley schorpp)

oracle bone (nick vogt)

handbag (tessa wong)

• dog tags (ey zipris)

When knowledge and feeling are oriented toward something real, actually perceived, the thing, like a reflector, returns the light it has received from it. As a result of this continual interaction, meaning is continually enriched at the same time as the object soaks up affective qualities. The object thus obtains its own particular depth and richness. The affective state follows the progress of attention, developing with each new discovery of meaning... with the result that its development is unpredictable. At each moment perception overflows it and sustains it, and its density and depth come from its being confused with the perceived object. Each quality is so deeply incorporated in the object that it is impossible to distinguish what is felt and what is perceived”

— jean-paul sartre

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