= Siddhartha Ghosh Dastidar

Capital Markets and Investments: Essential Insights and Concepts for Professionals

Siddhartha G. Dastidar

Reading Light Publication

First Edition, ISBN Paperback: 978-0-9988145-0-6, Hardcover: 978-0-9988145-1-3

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This book targets people who need a rapid orientation in finance:

  • Finance professionals need a quick refresher on a market that they do not deal with regularly.
  • Professionals with qualifications in other disciplines continue to look to switch careers into finance.
  • Students with prior background in another discipline often join a Mastersdegree program, specializing in finance (MBA, quantitative finance, etc.)
  • Advanced undergraduate students want to decide whether finance is right for them.
  • Mid-career professionals in another industry, serving financial services clients, need to understand the basics of financial markets better. For example, Fintech professionals with a technology background are looking to connect more with mainstream finance companies.
  • Or, it may be a curious individual who simply wants to understand the financial periodicals better, and possibly make more sensible investment decisions!

Practitioners currently employed in the finance profession will find this book useful in refreshing basic concepts in a part of the market they do not deal with regularly. Students of finance will find the book useful in teaching them preliminary/ intermediate ideas, putting facts in context and ❝connecting the dots.❞

Because of the book❜s introductory nature, it is heavy on principles, mechanics, details, etc. and light on perspective. This book gives readers the tools to formulate opinions and evaluate the opinions of others, but it does not offer opinions on a platter. The best way to form opinions on the market is to read and assess commonly offered opinions, and assimilate them yourself. This book helps, but the hard work has to be yours.

Key Features

  • Self-published by a professor at a top institution and an industry veteran, thus providing inexpensive access to distilled content.
  • Meant to help students and practitioners understand the essentials of capital markets, quickly.
  • The book emphasizes brevity and compactness, ideally suited to current learning and pedagogy styles.
  • Discusses the structure of various financial institutions, and the roles they play in the allocation of capital.
  • Requires no specific prerequisites, except possibly some fluency in high school/ undergraduate math.
  • Basic information on financial statements, macroeconomics, statistics and Bloomberg are included in self-contained annexures at the end. The annexures can help bridge any gaps in background that readers may have to understand the content in the body of the book thoroughly and build on it.


  • - New Edition available now
  • - Bulge-bracket Wall Street firms using the book to train analysts
  • - Top Universities using the book for finance courses


Well worth adding to your investments bookshelf!

Charles M. Jones, Robert W. Lear Professor of Finance and Economics and Chair, Finance Sub-division, Columbia Business School, New York

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Garud N. Iyengar, Chair and Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Columbia University, New York

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David Weisbrod, Former CEO of LCH Clearnet and Vice Chairman of JPMorgan, New York

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Bruce D. Phelps, Managing Director, Head of Research, PGIM (Prudential Financial's USD 1 trillion investment management arm)

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Tarun Gupta, Managing Director, AQR Capital Management

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Adri Guha, Chief Investment Officer, Advanced Portfolio Management (institutional fund-of-funds)

An excellent supplement to the existing textbooks about Investments...

Mikhail Chernov, Professor of Finance, Anderson School of Management, UCLA

Concise, readable and up-to-date coverage of key capital markets topics...

John Kiff, Senior Financial Sector Expert, International Monetary Fund

Masterful rendering of a complex subject into an easily digested elixir of finance...

Nandu Nayar, Hans J. Baer Chair in International Finance and Chair of the Perella Department of Finance, Lehigh University

Excellent job of mixing finance concepts with real life examples...

Ajit Agrawal, Managing Director, Investment Research, UBS Securities LLC

It feels like learning from a personal tutor....

Hayong Yun, Associate Professor of Finance, Eli Broad College of Business, Michigan State University