Talks and Posters

A PDE-Based Analysis of the Symmetric Two-Armed Bernoulli Bandit
(paper, slides)
Financial Mathematics Seminar, Florida State University, Mar. 31, 2022
Optimization and Machine Learning Seminar, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Mar. 3, 2022

New Potential-Based Bounds for Prediction with Expert Advice
(paper, video, slides, poster)
Workshop on Mathematical Machine Learning and Applications, CCMA, Penn State University, Dec. 16, 2020
Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), July 12, 2020
Courant Student Probability Seminar, New York, Dec. 5, 2019

New Potential-Based Bounds for the Geometric-Stopping Version of Prediction with Expert Advice
(paper, video, slides, poster)
Optimal Control, Optimal Transport, and Data Science, Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, Nov. 10, 2020
Conference on Mathematical and Scientific Machine Learning (MSML), July 20, 2020

Measuring T1 and T2 in the Presence of B0 Inhomogeneities
(paper, slides)
Annual Meeting of the ISMRM, Montreal, May 16, 2019