The Shen Lab at Columbia University studies human biology and diseases using genomic and computational approaches. We are interested in two broad questions: identify genetic causes of human diseases, and understand the dynamics of human adaptive immune system. To study these questions, we develop computational and statistical methods and analyze data generated by high-throughput genomic technologies.

Recent news:

July 2018, we have another paper on pulmonary arterial hypertension genetic published: Zhu et al Genome Medicine, "Rare variants in SOX17 are associated with pulmonary arterial hypertension with congenital heart disease". Congratulations to Na, Jiayao, and collaborators in Chung lab!

July 2018, Somaye and Xiao joined our group as postdocs jointly mentored by Dr. Wendy Chung. Welcome Somaye and Xiao!

June 2018, our paper on modeling of alloreactive T cell clones is accepted by JCI Insight ("Quantifying size and diversity of the human T cell alloresponse"). Congratulations to our collaborator Susan from Megan Sykes group and lab alum Boris!

May 2018, Our paper on Episcore is published by Nature Communications: Distinct epigenomic patterns are associated with haploinsufficiency and predict risk genes of developmental disorders. Congratulations, Xinwei, Siying, and friends of the lab Elise, Shuang, and Dana!

April 2018, Lu joined our group as a postdoc jointly mentored by Dr. Wendy Chung. Welcome Lu!

April 2018, Our manuscript on MVP led by Hongjian and Chen is now on bioRxiv: MVP: predicting pathogenicity of missense variants by deep learning

April 2018, Our collaboration with Dr. Wendy Chung group on pulmonary arterial hypertension is published at Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine: Exome Sequencing in Children With Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Demonstrates Differences Compared With Adults The analysis was led by Na. Congratulations!

Feb 2018, Jiayao got an offer from the DBMI PhD program. Congratulations!

Feb. 2018, The SPARK consortium published a preview paper on Neuron: SPARK: A US Cohort of 50,000 Families to Accelerate Autism Research

Oct. 2017, Hongjian presented his work on MVP in ASHG as a Reviewer’s Choice poster.

Sept. 2017, Our collaboration with Dr. Donna Farber group on human resident memory T cells is published at Cell Reports: Human Tissue-Resident Memory T Cells Are Defined by Core Transcriptional and Functional Signatures in Lymphoid and Mucosal Sites. Congratulations, Wenji and Brahma!

June 2017, our R01 on integrating cancer and functional genomics data in genetic studies of developmental disorders is funded by NIGMS for five years!

June 2017, Our collaboration with Dr. Kang Liu group on dendritic cell lineage specification is published at Nature Immunology: Lineage specification of human dendritic cells is marked by IRF8 expression in hematopoietic stem cells and multipotent progenitors. Congratulations, Wenji and Josh!