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The Information Center provides quick access to DB2 product information. You must install the DB2 administration tools to obtain the Information Center.

Depending on your system, you can access the Information Center from the:

The Information Center provides the following kinds of information. Click on the appropriate tab to look at the information:

Lists tasks you can perform using DB2.

Lists DB2 reference information, such as keywords, commands, and APIs.

Lists DB2 books.

Lists categories of error messages and their recovery actions.

Sample Programs
Lists sample programs that come with the DB2 Software Developer's Kit. If the Software Developer's Kit is not installed, this tab is not displayed.

Lists DB2 information on the World Wide Web. To access this information, you must have a connection to the Web from your system.

When you select an item in one of the lists, the Information Center launches a viewer to display the information. The viewer might be the system help viewer, an editor, or a Web browser, depending on the kind of information you select.

The Information Center provides some search capabilities so you can look for specific topics, and filter capabilities to limit the scope of your searches.

For a full text search, follow the Search DB2 Books link in each HTML file, or use the search feature of the help viewer.

The HTML search server is usually started automatically. If a search in the HTML information does not work, you may have to start the search server via its icon on the Windows or OS/2 desktop.

Refer to the release notes if you experience any other problems when searching the HTML information.

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