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Quick Beginnings for DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition for UNIX

Road Map


Use the following table to find the information you need quickly.

If you want to... Refer to...
Understand the relationship between DB2 and related products, Chapter 1. "About DB2 Universal Database".
Plan your network configuration, Chapter 4. "Planning for Installation".
Confirm that your system meets the DB2 disk and software prerequisites, "Disk Requirements" and "Software Requirements".
Migrate from a previous release of DB2, Chapter 7. "Migrating from Previous Versions".
Install DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition from a CD-ROM, Chapter 5. "Installing and Configuring DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition for AIX" or Chapter 6. "Installing and Configuring DB2 Universal Database Extended Enterprise Edition for Solaris".
Install the client products, Chapter 8. "Installing DB2 Clients".
Set up communications on the client to access databases, Chapter 14. "Configuring Client-to-Server Communications Using the CCA" or Chapter 15. "Configuring Client-to-Server Communications Using the Command Line Processor".
Use the DB2 components, Chapter 16. "Getting Started with DB2 Universal Database".
Create the sample database, "Creating the Sample Database".
Connect to a database, "Connecting to a Database".
Print or view online documentation, "Printing the PostScript Books" or "Viewing Online Books".
Set up a DB2 Call Level Interface or ODBC environment to enable ODBC applications such as Lotus Approach to access DB2 data, "Running CLI/ODBC Programs".
Work with the System Administrative (SYSADM) group, "Working with the System Administrative Group".
Use the DB2 Command Center or the DB2 command line processor to enter SQL statements or DB2 commands interactively, Chapter 20. "Entering DB2 Commands and SQL Statements".
Learn about last-minute changes to the product, The Installation Notes on the CD-ROM or the Release Notes that are installed with the products.

To locate information on other topics, see Appendix A. "Obtaining Information" for a complete description of the DB2 library.

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