Event FAQ

I am an ABC club and I want to hold an event. What do I do?
  1. Plan out the major details of your event. If you need help, feel free to contact your SDA/OMA advisor. You can also contact your ABC rep.

  2. Book a room! You can ask your advisor for access to the Lerner EMS system or you can submit a space request form. You can also submit forms for tech services and furniture.

  3. Fill out an Event Approval Form to receive funding from ABC! Make sure that your costs are in line with ABC's funding guidelines. Your ABC rep should give you a response within 48 hours.

  4. Once your EAF has been approved, print it out and go to SDA/OMA to fill out the necessary e-forms. E-forms must be signed by both your club's treasurer and SDA/OMA advisor.

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