The future leaders and expanders of the kingdom of God need the Word of the Lord to quench their thirst. The time has come for a worldwide Christian movement of our youth to fill the earth with the knowledge of God. Through this movement, the precious souls on this earth that are living with spiritually wounded bodies may be healed.

Apostolos Campus Ministry is dedicated to finding and filling up university students who are spiritually thirsty and longing for the bright light of the truth. Boldly and actively shining the light of the true Gospel on campus, our hopes and prayers are that the eyes of students can be opened and the glory of God revealed evermore in the future of our world.

At Columbia University, Apostolos Campus Ministry has worked to complement college classes with Christian education and faith training. Through Apostolos Campus Ministry’s effort, the landscape of the campus has become more inviting for prayer, Biblical studies, and charity.

1) Weekly Fellowship on Thursdays - Kent Hall 522A @ 7:00pm
2) Weekly Advanced Bible Studies on Mondays - Kent Hall 522A     @ 7:30pm
3) Study Break Bible Studies - by appointment

Sharing the Truth

We, the members of Apostolos Campus Ministry, truly wish to spread His righteousness to the ends of the earth, reaching out to every nation, people, tribe, and tongue.

Leading a Movement
It is our hope to work with Christian leaders and to utilize Christian resources at various levels in order to guide His precious children back to our Father.

Glorifying His Name
The mercy of God revealed in the forgiveness of sins and power of God exposed in the cross and resurrection have become aspiring pillars of faith for the members of Apostolos Campus Ministry.  In all we do, our hearts and minds are united to make known His will.

Revealing the Light
As leaders and members of Apostolos Campus Ministry, we wish to reveal the love of God that we have received freely through the teachings and the life of Jesus Christ, bringing positive and transforming change to college campuses.

Providing a Service
Embedded in our hearts is the greatest love of God that was shown through the life of Christ and through His sacrifice on the cross. And following this life of love and sacrifice, we hope to take up our crosses and bring life to a fallen world
Apostolos Campus Ministry At Columbia University