1) Weekly Fellowship on Thursdays - Kent Hall 522A @ 7:00pm

Apostolos Campus Ministry members gather for weekly large group meetings, sharing together in praise, Bible study, and fellowship with brothers and sisters in the Lord. More than just a social event, these meetings are a time for members to grow closer to the Lord and to their spiritual family in Him.

2) Group Bible Study: Thursday @6pm MS 5148

Anyone is welcomed to join the weekly studies to learn and discuss the foundation of the Gospel.

3) Advanced Bible Studies on Mondays - Kent Hall 522A @ 7:30pm

Prayer is like spiritual breathing. As we listen to the Word of God and grow in faith, prayer must accompany the Bible studies to open up our spirits to communicate with God and drawn even closer to Him.

4) Prayer Meeting: TBA

Retreats are held each semester both locally and nationally, where we engage in intense studies, small group discussions, prayer meetings, praise and worship, and even talent shows! The Lord truly pours down His Spirit and grace during retreats, touching each person's heart.

5) Study Break : by appointment

ACM gets together for a break from studies and to fellowship together though various activities like sports, games, and just having meals together.

Apostolos Campus Ministry At Columbia University