Would you like to know more about us and what we do? Or would you like to make a committment to our fellowship? Come to our events and find out more about us. If you are interested in serving, here are some ways you can serve in our fellowship:

1. Fellowship Team

The Fellowship Team organizes and prepares for the weekly fellowship. Their roles include making slides, annoucements, arrange special activities during fellowship time, making things go smooth, etc.

2. Praise Team

If God has given you talent in music and you wish to reveal the precious talent, join the Praise Team and help leading the worship. Both vocalists and instrumentalists are welcome.

3. Financial Committee

The Financial Committee is in charge of the financial part of our group. They are responsible for organizing fundraising activities (but the participation for fundraising is open to everyone even if you are not part of it) and use the fund wisely.

4. Prayer!!!

No matter what we do, it is impossible to get it done without God's help. PLEASE support us through prayers.
Apostolos Campus Ministry At Columbia University