The Apostolos Campus Ministry is an interdenominational ministry committed to spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth, testifying to the eternal love of the Lord. Working with various people and ministries, our goal is to spread the good news of Christ, reaching out to the ones who do not know the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Just as our lives have been touched and changed by the Lord, we wish to reveal the love of the Lord that was shown to us, and become a beacon for all of His lost children and our fellow brothers and sisters.

There are three strands woven into each Apostolos Campus Ministry in everything we do. These three strands, known by their Greek terms are: Kerygma, Koinonia, and Diakonia.

I. Kerygma (The Word)

The Word: it’s the origin of everything, and the world’s enduring connection to God.
ACM Intl ministries are founded on the belief that God’s Word is the beginning and basis of life. Studying and teaching the Bible, therefore, are the cornerstones of all that we do. In this way, entering the ACM family amounts to a life-changing journey into the scriptures and the amazing world of faith they reveal.

II. Koinonia (Fellowship)

We use the term ‘family’ intentionally. ACM Intl aims to unite students everywhere with our common connection in Jesus Christ. Thus, exploring God’s Word with ACM fellowship can hardly be called a lonely experience! Our fellowship offers students a chance to explore Biblical teachings in a peer-focused environment, led by students and graduates transformed by the Word. Love, encouragement, spiritual counseling, companionship – these words all describe our experience of koinonia at ACM Intl.

III. Diakonia (Service)

Jesus practiced the Word of God perfectly, and revealed a life of loving service. The members of ACM Intl – a fellowship founded on Jesus Christ – also strive to reveal this beautiful image.
The term we use to describe this lifestyle is diakonia, which means ‘service’ in Greek. Applied to our fellowship, diakonia is this: just as Jesus Christ poured himself out to fill others with the bread of his life, we too seek to share the gifts given us with those who are dry and hungry in spirit.
To this end, ACM Intl chapters provide a wide array of opportunities for students to participate in all types of ministries, from music and dance, to teaching and preaching –depending on where God’s guidance directs.
All are welcome and warmly encouraged to complement scriptural study and discussion with service activities at ACM local chapters. Contact your closest regional office for further information.

Apostolos Campus Ministry At Columbia University