Q1. What is Apostolos Campus Ministry?

A1. Apostolos Campus Ministry (ACM) is an interdenominational Christian fellowship devoted to following the life of Christ while coming to know the Lord and making Him known. It is a gathering of youth of all levels of faith; from new believers to devoted followers of Christ. With the goal to shine the light of the Gospel to all nations, tribes, and peoples, ACM reaches out to people of the world, revealing the love and grace that has been shown to us, in hopes for the closed hearts of the world to be opened to the Truth.

Q2. What does Apostolos Campus Ministry believe?

A2. (see “Statement of Faith”)

Q3. Why does Apostolos Campus Ministry exist?

A3. The Apostolos Campus Ministry exists to reach out to the lost youth of the world, who are without direction in their lives by sharing the Gospel of Christ. Just as we have been called out of the darkness and into the Light of Christ, we aim to reveal the Truth to the youth around the world, showing them the way as it was shown to us through our Lord Jesus Christ. By spreading the Word, ACM dreams for the knowledge of the Lord to cover the earth as the waters cover the seas, as it has been prophesied in the Holy Bible. ACM hopes to carry out the commission of the salt and the light (Matthew 5), bringing about change to this world and revealing the grace of God that was shown to us.

Q4. What does Apostolos Campus Ministry do on campuses?

A4. ACM is a campus fellowship centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and is devoted to the reading, the teaching, and the preaching of the Word. ACM holds one-on-one Bible studies, group Bible studies, and campus fellowship meetings. Through the sharing of the Gospel and discipleship, ACM aims not only to help many to become believers, but to become followers of Jesus Christ. As Jesus Christ has a will and a purpose for us all, we hope that through the Gospel, many will come to see that will and that purpose through the Grace.

Q5. How do I apply, or join Apostolos Campus Ministry?

A5. Apostolos Campus Ministry has it’s doors open to people of all backgrounds and all levels of faith. To join, go to the campus nearest you and ask if there is an Apostolos Campus Ministry there. If there is not, you can go online to www.apostolos.org, go to the country in which you wish to search for ACM, and contact the representative for ACM Center Locations. Or you can e-mail the worldwide headquarters directly at apostoloshq@apostolos.org.

Q6. How can I support Apostolos Campus Ministry?

A6. (see “Donate”)

Apostolos Campus Ministry At Columbia University