Don't worry if these rules seem confusing; we will explain them when you come to practice.

Proper Attire

  • Short sleeve tops are recommended or long sleeve tops that fit tightly on the arms.
  • Sneakers are required in the Barnard LeFrak Gymnasium.


  • Always use a stringer to string your bow.
  • Always use a finger tab and an arm guard when shooting.
  • Use a chest protector if necessary.
  • Never release the string if you are drawing a bow without an arrow loaded; this is called dryfiring.
  • Check that no one is in front of the shooting line before you nock an arrow.
  • In the Barnard LeFrak Gymnasium, check that no one is running on the track above as well.
  • If the arrow falls off the arrow rest, take down; do not shoot it.
  • Treat arrows that fall on the floor past the shooting line as arrows that have been shot; retrieve them later.
  • Do not walk past the shooting line for any reason until everyone has stepped off the shooting line.
  • Check that no one is behind you when you pull your arrows.
  • If the string keeps hitting your arm when you shoot, let the coach know.


  • No more than three archers should shoot simultaneously on the same target butt.
  • Be careful not to tilt your bow in the way of the archers next to you when nocking an arrow.
  • Do not talk to or touch the archers next to you when they are at full draw.
  • Wait until the archers next to you have completed their shots before stepping on or off the shooting line.
  • Do not shoot more than five arrows per end.
  • If you are the last person shooting, do not shoot more than one arrow.
  • If you are the last person shooting, shout "clear"; when you step off the shooting line to indicate that it is safe for everyone to retrieve their arrows.
  • Leave your bow on the bow stand when you retrieve your arrows.
  • Hold conversations behind the shooting line, not at the target butts.
  • Assist in setting up and taking down targets at the beginning and end of practice.