Current Members

Makeda Tekle-Smith

Fifth-Year Graduate Student

Pomona College

Isaac Feldblum Hughes

Fourth-Year Graduate Student

Columbia University

Noushad Mohd

Fourth-Year Graduate Student

Brooklyn College

Hunter Imlay

Third-Year Graduate Student

Vanderbilt University

Tyler Casselman

Second-Year Graduate Student

Boston University

Mario Rivera

Research Assistant

St John's University

Roshan Bhaskar

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Columbia University

Omar Khan

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Columbia University

Past Members

Graduate Students

    Carolyn Wei (Ph.D. 2015)
    Thesis: Efforts Towards the Total Synthesis of Cyclocitrinol
    Bristol-Myers Squibb, New Brunswick, NJ

    Steven Schwartz (M.A. 2013)

    Carrie Yozwiak (M.A. 2012)
    Ph.D. at Columbia University with Brent Stockwell

    Greg Chin (M.A. 2011)
    Gilead (Medicinal Chemistry), CA

    Yue Xu (M.A. 2005)
    Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with Dirk Trauner

    Quinglin Meng (M.A. 2003)
    Ph.D. at Columbia University with Nicholas Turro
    AAT Bioquest, Inc., CA

    Andrew Nation (M.A. 2003)
    BMS (Drug Discovery), Lawrenceville, NJ

    Diedre (O'Neil) Annis (M.A. 1996)
    Eli Lilly (Elanco Animal Health), Greenfield, IN

Post-Doctoral Reseachers

    Liang-An Chen (2018)
    The Brown Group, University of Indiana Bloomington

    Kevin Williamson (2016)
    Gilead Sciences (Process Chemistry), San Francisco, CA

    Jürgen Rotzler (2013)
    Solvias, Switzerland

    Wes Chalifoux (2012)
    Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno

    Heike Schönherr (2012)
    Post-Doc at Columbia in Ophthalmology
    AstraZeneca (Medicinal Chemistry), Boston, MA

    Paul Tanis (2012)
    Takeda California (Medicinal Chemistry), San Diego, CA

    Ryan Shade (2011)
    Post-Doc at Columbia with Luis Campos
    BioMarin Pharmaceutical, CA

    Hyunwoo Kim (2010)
    Assistant Professor, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

    Uttam K. Tambar (2009)
    Assistant Professor, UT Southwestern Medical Center

    Tyler Harrison (2009)
    Novartis (Medicinal Chemistry), Boston, MA

    Jun Pan (2009)
    Merck (Process Research), Rahway, NJ

    Farhan R. BouHamdan (2008)
    Assistant Professor, Prince Fahd Bin Sultan University, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia
    Syngenta Crop Protection Muenchwilen AG, Stein, Switzerland

    Greg Notte (2008)
    Gilead (Medicinal Chemistry), CA

    Jared Spletstoser (2008)
    GlaxoSmithKline (Principal Scientist, Medicinal Chemistry), PA

    Nadine Vogl (2007)
    Degussa (Senior Scientist), Germany

    Seiji Shirakawa (2005)
    Associate Professor, Kyoto University, Japan

    Drew Duncan (2004)
    Associate Professor at Willamette University

    Katsumi Kubota (2003)
    Dainippon Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Ltd. (Medicinal Chemistry), Osaka, Japan

    Darby Schmidt (2003)
    Merck (Medicinal Chemistry), Rahway, NJ
    Visiting Lecturer, Princeton University
    Tempero Pharmaceuticals
    FORMA Therapeutics, MA

    James Kinnaird (2002)
    Potter Clarkson LLP
    Marks & Clerk Singapore LLP

    Charles Wang (2001)
    Assistant Professor, University of Hong Kong

    Spencer Dreher (2001)
    Merck (Process R&D), Rahway, NJ

    John Allen (1998)
    Amgen (Medicinal Chemistry), Thousand Oaks, CA

Undergraduate Students

    Tyler St. Denis (B.A. 2015)
    Ph.D. at The Scripps Research Institute with Jin-Quan Yu

    Won Seok Ham (B.A. 2013)
    Ph.D. at Harvard University with Tobias Ritter

    Cyril Bucher (B.A. 2013)
    Ph.D. at Stanford University with Noah Burns

    Brian Marcus (B.A. 2011)
    M.D. at Yale School of Medicine

    Julia Kalow (B.A. 2008)
    Ph.D. at Princeton University with Abigail Doyle
    Post-Doc at MIT with Tim Swager

    Noah Burns (B.S. 2004)
    Ph.D. at Scripps Research Institute with Phil Baran
    Assistant Professor, Stanford University

    Patrick Holder (B.S. 2003)
    Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with Matthew Francis
    Post-Doc at MIT and Harvard University with Daniel Nocera
    Redwood Bioscience, CA

    Andrew Goodwin (B.A. 2002)
    Ph.D. at UC Berkeley with Jean Frechet
    Assistant Professor, University of Colorado Boulder