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IBM Type 015 Motor Drive Key Punch

Type 015 Motor Drive Key Punch
Photo: IBM Archives, Machine Files, used by permission. Click image to enlarge

IBM 016 1938
IBM 015 1938 (WPA photo)
This is like the Type 016 Motor-Driven Electric Duplicating Key Punch but without the duplicating feature; the two were released simultaneously in the 1927-29 timeframe. The photo at left is from Wikipedia; caption: "New Orleans, 1938. New Orleans Hydrographic Office. 'WPA white collar workers making punch cards of the hydrographic chart for use eventually in revising pilot charts. A good operator can turn out 1,500 punch cards daily, as compared with some 300 if computed by hand. Both methods are used on the New Orleans project. Interior.' The keypunch machines are the IBM Type 016 Electric Duplicating Key Punch introduced in 1929." As of 6 March 2023, the Wikipedia page misidentifies it as an 016.

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