Columbia University Computing History   

Columbia University in 1926

Columbia University 1926
The Columbia University campus 1926, looking north. Photo: The Columbiana archive.

Everything you see here was built without the aid of electronic computers. Hamilton Hall, location of the Columbia University Statistical Bureau, is pointed to by the line from Home Plate to the pitcher's mound. Pupin Hall, home of the TJ Watson Astronomical Lab (and later the Manhattan Project) is the tall building five blocks north of Home Plate. The future Watson Lab buildings, 612 West 116th Street and 612 West 115th Street, are in the blocks on the left side of the picture (between Broadway and the Hudson River), facing north so only the roofs are visible. The domed building is Low Library. Note:

What you can't see:

CLICK HERE for a closer view of campus with South Field in its football configuration.

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