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IBM Administrative Class 941

Some IDs from Herb Grosch, who also supplied the photo; in his own words:

Here is a MAGnificent picha of the gang that gathered for the 701A [later, 704] announcement, p.180-81. Everybody a character in my stories --- I recognize every face, and can attach names to almost all. There is [John] Backus [3rd row left] (below [John] McPherson [IBM engineering director, 4th row left])... Jack Strong, farthest right. Amdahl! Petrie! Cocke! [No, Griffith!] Ramshaw! Don Firth! McClelland! And in the very center, between Dottie Blum and Lee Amaya, Kogbelianz!!! But no Eckert. Sid Fernbach, for Chrissakes. Paul Armer. Porter of Boeing. My guy [Jack?] Hughes, hiding the "I" in THINK. Over Lee Amaya's [gypsy] left shoulder, in hornrims and bowtie, [Gene] Amdahl. Next, Haley Tillitt of Inyokern, also bowtie. Next, Don Pendray of Hurd's crew. Next, short, Fernbach. Third row, behind Fernbach, to his left, Irv Liggett and Jack Strong. To his right, Don Madden and then Bengt Carlsen. Eighteen machines were represented, mostly by two people. I think the boss of the WHQ [IBM World Headquarters] machine is right end of front row (Dan Mason), and his second might be Backus. To my right, Stu Crossman of P&W. Way in back, in front of the "H", to Hughes' right, Walt Ramshaw, Crossman's #2.

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IBM Class 941 1954

On 24 July 2005, Paul McJones sent a copy of the original legend for this photo, which he received from John Backus; CLICK HERE to view it.

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