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MARCH 24, 2015

Spotlight: FIJI Songbook

"When College Songs"

When college songs and college lays
Are faded with their makers' days;
When time and tide have made us old
And college life's a tale that's told.

Phi Gamma Delta, still to thee
Our hearts will turn, eternally.
Phi Gamma Delta still to thee
Our hearts will turn, eternally.

MARCH 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Omegas on the house roof in the mid-80s. In the immortal words of David Blackman, this was clearly a weekend "packed full of that sweetest of influences, not unlike the hive of bees in summer, whose cells bulge with honey and are redolent with thyme." #tbt

MARCH 5, 2015

FIJI Career Night

FIJI held their semesterly career night with alumni of the Omega Chapter.

Pictured: Not alumni.

FEBRUARY 26, 2015

New iOS App

Roy Hermann has created Callouts, an awesome new game for college students! Support our brother by downloading the app on the App Store and liking its page on Facebook.

FEBRUARY 12, 2015

New Pledge Class

Six new pledges (Sigma pledge class) have begun their path to becoming venerable brothers of Phi Gamma Delta.

JANUARY 21, 2015

Rest in Peace, Matt Serpa


DECEMBER 29, 2014

New Committee Chairs

The Omega Chapter's new committee chairs have been selected. We would like to thank our outgoing chairs for their hard work and dedication towards improving our chapter.

Incoming Chairs: Dominick Fulgieri (Rush), Daniel Hong (Social), Ankit Shah (ALPHA Standards), Ryo Kono (Brotherhood), Kenny Xiao (IT), Will Macaulay and David Harris (Pledge Education).

DECEMBER 19, 2014

New Cabinet Takes Office

The Omega Chapter's newly elected cabinet has taken office. We would like to thank our outgoing cabinet for their immense contributions and for leaving the chapter in a better place than they found it.

Outgoing Cabinet: Zach Zazueta (President), David Harris (Treasurer), Brian Chung (Recording Secretary), Joey Smith (Corresponding Secretary), David Blackman (Historian).

Incoming Cabinet: Abhinaba Chatterjee (President), Brian Chung (Treasurer), David Blackman (Recording Secretary), Andrew Liou (Corresponding Secretary), Arthur Muszynski (Historian).

DECEMBER 5, 2014

New Brothers Initiated

We are proud to announce the initation of nine new brothers (Rho pledge class) into the fraternity.

New Brothers: Sidarth Singh, Nicholas Kensinger, Ceaser Chabla-Sarmiento, Samuel Ravani, Juan Pablo Gatica, Cesar Trujillo, Brandon Marco, David Alexander Campbell Swanson III, Brandon Moyer.

DECEMBER 4, 2014

FIJI Formal

FIJI held its annual formal downtown tonight. A great time was had by all. In the immortal words of Aubrey Graham, "Look at where I landed, you would think I planned it. I'm just doing me, and you can never understand it."


NOVEMBER 24, 2014

Two FIJIs Elected to IFC

Daniel Hong and Kenny Xiao have been elected to the Columbia Interfraternity Council Executive Board as Vice President of Administration and Vice President of Finance, respectively.

OCTOBER 25, 2014

FIJI at Homecoming

Brothers David Alexander Campbell Swanson III and Arthur Muszynski combined forces to give a legendary interview to the Columbia Spectator at Homecoming.

Clearly, it is about winning.

OCTOBER 24, 2014

IFC Basketball Tournament

FIJI's team of Roy Hermann, Jason Yang, and Kenny Xiao took home 2nd place at the IFC 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Congratulations to them on their incredibly inspiring performance.

OCTOBER 12, 2014


Brothers ran the USO 5K at Pier 84 to raise money for USO programs that support our troops.

Running through the 6.

OCTOBER 4, 2014

Gandhi Day

FIJI braved the elements to participate in the HSO's annual Gandhi Day.

Weatherworn FIJI volunteers. Ankit, what are you doing?

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