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Elika bday Feb2017.jpeg

Elika's Birthday Party, February 2017: From left: Yi, Elika, Lisa, Nathan, Elliott

Baltimore 2017_14.JPG

Pizza Party at ARO meeting, February 2017: From left: Amir, Manuela, Elliott, Lisa, Yi, Mario, Elika, Hiro, Nathan, Aleks

Lisa bday 2016

Mario's Birthday Party, July 2016: From left: Lisa, Mario, Chloe, Elika, Yi

Yankee stadium summer16.JPG

NY Yankees game, July 2016: From left: Nathan, Mario, Yi, Miwako, Hiro, Lisa, Benjamin, Elika

Winter 2015 Math Museum Trip

Winter 2015 Math Museum Trip: From left: Lisa, Yi, Steve, Nina, Sushrut, Mike

2015 Visit from Manuela Nowotny: Visiting scientist Manuela Nowotny with Lisa and Mike

2014 Summer MET trip

2014 Summer MET trip: From left: Nathan, Michael, Catherine, Eric, Jason, Lisa, Alon, J.P., Isaac, Yi

2013 Holiday Party

2013 Holiday Party: From left: Dr. Lalwani, Andy, Hiro, Sushrut, Joe, Lisa, Catherine, Eric

Wei and Mailing's Goodbye Dinner

Wei and Mailing's Goodbye Dinner at David Burke Kitchen: From left: Yi, Lyman, Wei, Jason Q, Hiro, Sushrut, Andy, Lisa, Mailing, Jason L, Glenis

Yankees Game 2013

NY Yankees vs. KC Royals game, July 11, 2013: Back row: Catherine, Sushrut, Hiro, Wei, Zihan, Jason, Lisa. Front row: Jason, Eric, Mailing

Lisa Birthday 2013

Lisa's Birthday Party, June 13, 2013: From left: Hiro, Yoojin, Jason, Sushrut, Aron, Mailing, Lisa, Wei

Kapil's goodbye lunch

Kapil's goodbye lunch, May 2013: From left: Kapil, Mailing, Wei, Sushrut, Andy, Lisa, Aron

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