Community News

Volume 2, Number 3 -- November 1994

Ann d'Adesky was one of many fabulous speakers at the National Coming Out Day Rally during BGLAD. See story below. Photo credit: Meghan Quinn.
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November 11, 1994

Dear Colleague,

I want to commend to your attention the attached issue of Community News, a newsletter published monthly during the academic year by gay, bisexual, and lesbian members of the extended family of Columbia University and affiliated institutions.

In our continuing effort to promote acceptance of diversity among both students and employees, I hope that you will view this publication as a window on the concerns of our lesbian, bisexual, and gay students and colleagues, whose presence and myriad contributions to campus life are too often unacknowledged.


Jonathan R. Cole

Community News is published monthly during the academic year by women and men of Columbia University's lesbian, bisexual, and gay community. We thank GABLES-CU and the Offices of Provost and Campus Programs for providing financial and moral support.

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Community News is distributed at various public University locations including Earl Hall, via a mailing list (854-4744, or, and on Columbia information systems (for help in connecting call the AcIS Help Line, 854-4854). Our mailing address is GABLES-CU, Box 105 Central Mail Room, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. 10027. Opinions expressed in these pages belong to the author of each article and do not represent official views of either Community News or Columbia University.