There are so many things one needs to carry, as this might be the first time you are going abroad. If you have a friend who is going to the same university, for the same semester, it is better to share few things. This saves space as well as money. In this section, we have listed the most common things that your seniors have carried and suggest you to do. Most commodities are available easily here but a few items like clothes, footwear, leather items, and other miscellaneous things are expensive in US. Once again this list may vary from person to person. It does not make sense to bring one year’s supply of everything since New York is no desert. You can get stuff for as cheap as in India even if you convert the currency in supermarkets. You must remember that it is a big pain to carry lots of luggage and the lesser the luggage, the better. The list below is again mostly suggestive. Use your discretion and make purchases.

Typical stuff you may want is:

  • Jeans: 4 to 6 pairs
  • Shorts: 6-8. Style depends on your taste and liking.
  • T-shirts: 10-12
  • Formal wear with tie– 2 pair. You will not use them too frequently and are not too useful.
  • Cotton shirts: 4-5
  • Night clothes: 2-3 pairs. If you have the habit of using night clothes.
  • Undergarments…a lot of them…20-25.
  • Socks: 10-15 pairs. Do not take nylon socks. Cotton ones are better.
  • Sweaters: 1-2.
  • Get a muffler, monkey cap and windcheater.
  • Handkerchiefs: depend on if you use them regularly.
  • 2 belts. One formal leather belt and the other as you please.
  • Kurta pyjamas- These would be good during Cultural meets etc. This is wholly dependent on your taste and liking. It is not a necessity.
  • 2 Turkish towels and two napkins.
  • 2 thin single bed sheets.
  • Gloves – As new york could get extremely cold during winter, gloves from India may not be of too much use during those times. It is advisable to buy special gloves after coming here.
  • Thermal undergarments
  • Don’t get any winter/snow jackets from India, because it is advisable to buy it in New York.


SPORTS SHOES: 1 pair. Wear it and come. Sports shoes are real cheap in US, especially during the Thanksgiving and Labor Day sales. So do not spend too much money for these.

WINTER/SNOW SHOES: You can get really good snow shoes here and since these are really heavy to carry it is generally not advisable to carry these all the way from there. Do not carry boots.

FORMAL SHOES: It is better to get at least one pair of formal shoes from India as they are really expensive here.

Get a pair of Floaters/sandals. After the winter, everyone is more than happy to throw away the winter boots and start using floaters as they are really comfortable. Most shops do not sell here floaters and they are really expensive.

Slippers / Hawai chappal – one pair, if you want to.

Summarizing the lists here:

  • Sunglasses* 1 no.
  • Umbrella 1 no.
  • Wind cheater 1 no.
  • Under garments 20-25 no.
  • Shirts* 4 no.
  • T-shirts* 12 no.
  • Bermudas or shorts* 6 no.
  • Trousers* 4 no. (formal)
  • Jeans 6 no.
  • Handkerchief* 18 no.
  • Socks 10-15 no.
  • Belts 2 no.
  • Sweater 2 full. No sleeveless.
  • Thermal inner wear* 2 pairs
  • Formal wear 2 pairs
  • Kurta Pyjama* 1 white
  • Chudidar* 1 no.
  • Chudidar jacket* 1 no.
  • Night dress* 2 no.
  • Gloves* 2 pair
  • Muffler, monkey cap and windcheater.1 no.
  • Napkin 2 no.
  • Sports Shoes 1 no.
  • Formal Shoes 1 no.
  • Floaters 1 no.
  • Slippers 1 no.

Items marked with * are based on personal choice and are not necessities.