Crocin tablets (paracetamol 500 mg)-3 strips For fever, body ache, and headache. One tablet three times a day as necessary. Above 60 kg please use 650 mg tablets (thermol/dolo).
Actifed tablets –2 strips For fevers, mild pain relief (side effect drowsiness)
Alerid (cetrizine) or Neoloridin(loridine) A costlier but much better alternative for fever. Less sedation and next to no side effects
Azithromycin 500 mg tablets (aziwin) –3 strips. One tablet once a day for atleast 3 days …use if you have a bacterial cold or Respiratory infection … (most common symptom being dark yellow colored mucus, fever, etc.).NOT NEEDED FOR ordinary cold (white mucus, watery secretions)
Sporidex 500mg capsules– 2 strips. One tablet twice a day when necessary as advised (please don’t use on your own. This stuff needs a prescription to be used properly … meant only for persistent troublesome infections)
Avomine tablets – 1 strip air/ motion sickness. One tablet as necessary.(causes drowsiness)
Lomotil/Andial tablets- 15 (for diarrhea)But remember the best treatment for diarrhea is plenty of fluids, some good rest and bland food.
Omeprazole 20 mg. For gastritis. Can be take once or twice a day
Digene tablets- 20 mg. For stomach discomfort .One each three times a day.
Spasmoproxyvon capsules – 3 strips for abdominal colic pain, backache, menstrual pain etc. One tablet every 6 hours or as necessary. Also for STONE problem.
Domstal tablets – 10 For vomiting .Has to be taken atleast half an hr before food
Electral powder – 2 packets. One teaspoonful mixed with drinks to make up loss of electrolytes after vomiting & diarrhoea
Novalgin – 2 strips for headache & bodyache. One tablet as necessary.
Brufen 600mg tablets – 2 strips. For arthirtic joint pain. One tablet three times a day after food.
Avil Tablets – 1 strip for allergy (use cetrizine/loridin for less sedation), One tablet as necessary.
Relaxyl ointment – 1 tube to be applied as pain balm.
Band Aid assorted – 12
Soframycin – 1 tube Skin ointment
Nimesulide tabs. For the severest of headaches and pains. (But banned in the US). 100mg upto 3 times a day
Ciplox capsules 500 mg. 2 strips. 1 capsule twice a day. For Infective diarrheas
Vitamin B-complex capsules. Just in case your starving yourself out there.
Autrin if you are suffering from low Hemoglobin . 2 capsules daily