Welcome to Columbia

On behalf of Indian Students' Association at Columbia (ISAC), we would like to congratulate you on your selection, and would like to welcome you to US in general, and Columbia in particular. Here you will find a lot of information for your transition to Columbia. We want to make your transition smoother.

Every year we hold an online gyan session somewhere between 20th and 30th May, where many seniors answer your queries online (like a live chat session). Here is the link to the last year's gyan session. Tanaya has summarised it into a single document. For further updates on events for incoming students please like us on facebook.

Feel free to mail us or post on facebook page for any queries however I strongly recommend that you go through the last year's gyan session first. You will find lots of questions related to housing, cell phone connection, insurance, departmental courses, groceries, travelling etc answered in details. Basically, it covers almost every information you need from the seniors before coming to Columbia.

For queries related to specific department I suggest you to hold on to your queries till the gyan session.

Lastly, you are one of the few selected candidates, make it count.