Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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(35)                                   InterludeI Rusva pays compliments to Umrao'e beauty^

assuring her that it was fear of Khanum that prevented he
from having admirers*

(3$'"36)        Umrao recalls her frustration at the time and adolescent
flirtatiousness,  Gauhar Miraa^ however, is keen on  her^
and gi-^eiB her a silver rupee - the moat jrecious gift of
her life«


(37)                            Description of rainy searson: somcjone creeps into Umrao^e

room^ and*,*** Next day there*© an unsuccessful search fo:i
the culprit*

(37)                                   InterlMdj&t    Umrao assures Rusva that Khanum could take

this sort of upset in her ©tride*

' 9

(57«"40)        Khanum finds tbe sil3.y bumpkin Rashid Ali (described)^

who fancies himself as a Lucknow beau, paying court to
courtesans, singing and compoeing poetry.  He is  encouraged
to fall for Umrao, and pays H©«,5000 for the p>rivilege of
having her,

(40-42)        Umrao at last has her own establishment*  She maintains her
relationship with Gauhar Mirza*  The uses of these *kepfc mm
to a 'courtesan.  Amir Jan's KaE-im Ali and Khurshid*s
Piyare Sahib:  on3„y Bismillah is too mean to have anyone*
Khanum still keeps a young man, and has her old lover Mirxa
Sahib still by her: she upbraids Khurshid for making such, a
fuss about Piyare Sahib getting married^ telliytg he«» ho-v '^h-^
ripped up Mlrzia Sahib*s wedding suit, SiXid  how he*s ne-^er  r;aK«
home since*

(42-44)        Umrao's first regular ^ujra^ when 14 years old at a Navafo'o
wedding*  The scene described*  Uirtrao follows a famous
singer from Baroda, but charms the audience with her

innocent beauty: the impression by the g^iasal Bhe sing;

(44-45)                            Interlude: Rusva asks for more couplets of the ghaaal.*

They discuss the poet and his versa*

(45)                            Next day Umrao is visited by the servant of Navab Sulta„n,^

who has witnessed her singing and asks for a copy of the poer
She is given five mohurs, which she hides under her bed*

(45-46)                            lnte;rludMt    Umrao*b reflections on a woman's need for

love* f-lavab Sultan eontraated with the selfish Gautor
Mirsa* She opines that selfless love is found only in
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