Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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(62-64)        Umrao applauds her getting the bracelets from Hasnu, and
hopes she* 11 ret'«irn them 'to the now destitute Chabban^
But when Chabban comes, Bismillah gets him to give them to
her in a display of noble generosity*  Umrao ie dlsfnj-sted
with her selfishness,

(64-65)        A few days later, when Umrao is with Khanum an old wojran
comes to visit the latter, imving been sent by Chabban*6
mother to persuade her to get Bismillah to induce GbAbban to
marry his cousin (for a consideration, of course)* Klianurn
agrees, and p:l0ts with Bismillah.

'(65-68)        Next time Cha.bban comes to Bismillah, Khanum treats him v/ith
elaborate courtesy and asks him to buy her an expensive
shawl.  He is put to shame, and confesses he has no nioney;;
Khanum tui-ms on him and sweeps out, telling him not to come
if he can't afford it*

(68-69)        Bismillah vows to etay true to Chabban, but he races away
before Umrao can catch him,

(69-70)        Bismillah and Umrao go to Makhdum Bakhsh*s house to look
for Chabban but he has dlGappeared,  Eventually his ring
turns up for sale, and police investigations reveal that he
had left it, with his clothes, with a hookah-seller, before
diving into the river, never to be seen again*  Bismillah
and Umrao lament hie death^ and cujrse the old Mavab*

(70)                                   Interlude; Rusva asks if Chabban could swim, since beU$

, been told that if someone liad learnt, they couldnM; drovm
of their own will*


(71)                                  Prologue: Kusva is asked if he's ever been in Jove,,

Umrao says she never has been, although the faking c
is a basic pirt of a courtesan*s profession*

(71)             Bismillah*s skill at the game brings her lots of lovers^
including an elderly Maulvi (described)*

(72)             Umrao describes an incident involving Bismillah and the
Maulvi, at which a friend of Rusva*s^ a Mir Sahib, was

(72)                                   Interlud^e: Husva briefly comments on Mir Sahib, etc

(72-73) Bismillah makes the Maulvi climb a tree* Only Uri;rl^D^s
intervention stopB him breaking his neck* He gets an?;
in his pantB*

(73-74)                            Inte^rlude; Rusva laugjis, but wonders why Bismil';"'

him do such a thing*
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