Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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(82-83)        When they prepare to go home, they find Khurshid
disappeared*  Piyare Sahib ie Buspected^ but si.ji
marriage he has given her up, and he is  proved 1-

(83-84)        About six weeks later a rather shady character (Faiz Ali;
negotiates with Husaini and Khanum for Umrao*s servicee.
Although she .doesnH think much of him, she has no choi •:;■:•
once they've agreed^

(84-86)        Faiz Ali comes to see her regularly each evening, loa&ir^f^
her with jewellery and money^ although he refusee to pi. >.
v/ith a shawl he always wears*  He always leaves in the
stm.ll  hours*  Umrao do©sn*t much care for him, but he 1-
obviously fond of her, and extremely generouso

(86)                                   Interludes Rusva cynically observes that hie generooit

diS*tcoBt him much,

(86-87)        One of Umrao*s admirers, a jeweller called Panna Mal^ cora^
in looking wretched, telling her he*s been the victiiTi of a
burglar who*E been stealing from everyone,  Umrao fej-^
little sympathy for him*

(87-88)        Umrao looks out and sees Faia Ali arrested., to genera,']

(88-89)        But tliat evening, he comes as usual, telling her not tc? te
anyone about the jewels he's given her, and af^ing her ,i'='
she can come away with him*  He has to ask Bua Husaini,^
whom he pretends he*B a landowner in Farnikhabad, plani;ii?F;
to go home for a few days,  Husaini soon brings a
blank refusal to let Umrao go from Khanum*

(89)                            Umrao, however, is inspired by feelings of loyalty and

secretly promises Faiz Ali to run away with him, to his
delighted surprise,

(89-91)        After his departure, Umrao tosses about uneasily wondciiDf

what to do*  At last she goes to sleep, but feele terr'^hi
when woken up by Gauhar Mirsa,  She has an argument w:U..n
Husaini about refusing a mujra for wliich she's been ensa^^e

^*'                     MUKiHiukJIwh 4-waft

Husaini is concerned by her obvious indisposition*

(omitted)                        Interlude; Husva analyses Umrao*s attitude and

motivation at the time*

(91)                            Lay-out of Khanum's and surrounding houses exx)laine::U

Faiz. Ali comes as usual one nig^it*  He tricks the ^mtn'^-'-r^
and the p'lfiir escape, soon getting well away from Luckuov%:
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