Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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(92-94)        After going through Rai Bareli, they stop at an iim
L3.I Qanj, where Umrao gets talking with a country
prostitute called Nasiban, who warns her of the da'-
dacoits on the road they're going on.  She tells r
a local Haja who is infatuated with a girl from Lu
whom Umrao suspects to be Khurshid*

(94)                            Next day they leave together, and Nasiban stops of"

Sams.riha, a village of prostitutes, whom Urrirao watc

working like' 'peasantrs in the fields*

(94-96)        Later, Fais Ali rides on ahead, when Umrao's cart i
suddenly stopped by some armed dacoits*  They thre
her, but Faiz Ali returns in the nick of time with
reinforcements, including his confederate Fazl Aiis

(96-97)        They travel on together, then stop for a meal in the

country*  Shortly afterwards they are overwhelmed by a
band of soldiers of the Haja, who*ve been ordered to put
down dacoitse.  Faiz Ali and Fazl Ali escape, but Un'rao
is captured, and marched off*

(97-98)        On the way^ they meet the Raja, who questions Vrvj.t

orders her to be put in a cart to be taken to hi's.  <• ..
where she is well looked, after*

(98-99)        Next m.orning the Raja sends for Umi^ao and telle- :)t'
been released, but asks to hear her sing, since ho%
praises of her voice from *,* Khurshid, who now er^-
Umrao sings a ghaaal of her own composition, 'I'hi.  --
delighted^ and goes off to eat*

(99-101)       Khurshid tells Umrao hov/ the Raja abducted her at ''■ /
and how happy she now is^  Umrao stays for 2 or /
please her, but gets very bored.  The Haja is fl^
is not returning to Krxanum'B and gives her preser.t
escort to Unnao*

(101)                          At the inn at Unnao, she meets Faiz Ali again, and Ijm?.

go along with him, rather against her will*

(101-3)        They reach K^anpur,  Faiz Ali leaves Umrao alone in r-
spooky house,  When he doesn't return next day, i;he ;
to look for him, only to see him being rtarched along^
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