Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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She slips away into a mosque, where she finds a rathr;;
uncouth Maulvi with whom she indulgee in teasing banter*
Sh-2  is very hungry, and at last gets a terrible meal ircif
the bazaar, which the Maulvi p8.instakingly account© for:,-.

With the Maulvi'6 help she gets some together^
and soon is a great success in Kanpur*

She comments on the provincialism of Kanpur, and is
appalled to learn from an admirer about a fake poet who
pa.sses of the verse of the master of Lucknow as his own*

Interlude: Umrao and Rusva deplore people trading on
the fame of Lucknow (although its .supremacy has now
passed to Hyde.rabad), and remark on the impossibility
outsiders acquiring the true Lucknov/ accent*







Prologue: verse, leading to comment ttet those who h.-:
been parted do meet in quite unexpected ways*

One afternoon during the hot season, an old woman cotnea
invite Umrao to perform at the birthday p©,rty of the soil
of her mistress, the Begam Sahib (i»e,, Ramdai) at her
country house out of town*  Umrao agrees, with further
reflections on the superiority of the culture of Lucknow-

Umrao goes to the Begam's house, whose garden is briefly
deBcribed,  She sings, then the Begam appears after
darkness has fallen (verse).

Elaborate description of the Begam's beauty*

The Begam asks Umrao some questions which Umrao is
reluctant to answe.r:  she says how scared she is to bf-' -•-'
in Buch an isolated spot*  Umrao is introduced to th*
Begam's little boy, then the company go into an elabc- -i

After dinner Umrao eings,  Barki^ess makes the garden set
much more frightening (purple passage of description)o

Suddenly some bandits appear*  The ladies faint, anr
and few servants, led by one Sarfaraz^ stay to protec"
He parleys with the bandits, one of whose leadera t'j-":
out to be Fazl Ali, who is reluctant to rob any frir;r'-->
Umrao*B*  I'tie rest of the dacoits are won over*  T'.
if? revived, end gives them money which they accept ar;
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