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Foreign Relations, talking about an examination of American foreign policy. You know, a number of us would ask questions that we thought should be addressed. And one of the questions I raised, which apparently no one thought was worthy of a serious discussion, was-- and Cyrus Vance, who's the chairman of this group-- “What is our present position in the Middle East? Where are our European allies in regard to our Middle East position?” You know, another example of Kenneth Clark's-- how would I describe myself? Maybe childlike? Over-simplifying complex problems? You know. Because apparently that was not considered a significant enough question to pursue.

But maybe they had answers to it that they didn't share with me.

I noticed that-- was it yesterday? I either heard-- probably heard rather than read, because I don't get these books right away-- that [Secretary of State George P.] Schultz raised some questions about aid to Israel in the light of problems about the economic condition of Israel, which I think I heard him say that the Israelis had to straighten out and make more solid their own economic situation before America can deal realistically with the problem of further American aid.

Well, as I heard that, my immediate reaction was, well, I don't know on what basis he made that statement or who he was talking for in the administration, but the chances are that they will be taken away, taken back.

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