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group of Lebanese was a terrorist act. I mean, terrorism does not seem to be something unusual, unfortunately, in the Middle East.


In fact, you can get the impression, can you not, it's almost a way of life?


That's right. So to say that you're not going to communicate with the PLO because they're terrorists, if you're consistent means that you're not going to communicate with anybody in the Middle East.

Why are you asking me these questions? To see where I am?


To get the benefit of your observations.


Don't worry, that's all they're worth. My observations, you know. They may not have any value beyond that. Obviously they don't. One of the things that ought to be very clear to you is that my observations are manifestations of bewilderment rather than clarity.

I'm not clear about what I am seeing or observing. In fact, the more I observe, the more confused I become. And I'm sure there must be some people who have clearer visions and goals. I once knew Schultz and I wish that I had contacts with him now, which I once had with him. But obviously I don't. But I'd like to be able to sit down with Schultz and get his view, because he was a

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