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increased perspective. And in regard to the firm, I have been very upset since the death of my wife, and I've been talking to my son-- children-- about the fact that I don't have the drive and the ambition that I had as far as the firm is concerned, and if it's going to continue, it'll have to continue with his motivation. He is interested in politics. He's going to be running for the City Council this year, and I don't know whether that will be at the expense of the firm or not, but it's up to him. My wife's death had a major impact on me and I just wish that she were here to help me in my confusion. She was always a very powerful force in helping me to clarify.


You had a real partnership?


Oh, yes.


Professional as well as personal?


Absolutely. There was collaboration and partnership, a curious sort of romance that was over forty-five years. I coined a phrase after her death, the Menachem Begin syndrome. It was the first time I had any empathy with Menachem Begin, when I saw the impact of his wife's death on him.


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