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different than her request. She wanted the memorial service to be held in Westchester, in Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry. But my daughter and son changed that because they did not have an auditorium that my children thought would be adequate. So they went to Riverside Church to talk with Pope [?], who was a former minister there. That church, Riverside Church, was nearly packed. Now, she would have been disturbed at the number. My daughter tells me that when she was talking--and I don't see how my children could discuss these details with as much dignity as they did--the place, and saying that she didn't feel that Mercy College could handle the number of people who wanted to come, Mamie is alleged to have said, “Well, they can stand, can't they?” [laughs] The other very wise basis for decision of my daughter and my son was that there were a number of people associated with Northside--parents and whatnot who would want to come, but who might not have been able to get up to Westchester. So they wisely decided to have it in the city. Certainly I agreed with them. I don't know if Mamie would have agreed with them or not, but I think maybe she would have, particularly when she saw--and people came not only from the city, but her friends in Washington, Boston and Albany. My colleagues on the Board of Regents, and the State Education Department staff. That was a wise decision on the part of the children.


Just to get it on the record, Riverside is on the west side of Manhattan.


The only contribution I made to that program was--well, there

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