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Kenneth ClarkKenneth Clark
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Interviewee: Kenneth Clark
Interviewer: Ed Edwin
Date: June 28, 1985
New York City


This is Epilogue interview number four with Dr. Kenneth B. Clark in his office as president of Clark, Phipps, Clark, and Harris, Inc. in New York City on June 28, 1985. Interviewing is Ed Edwin.

Dr. Clark, I thought perhaps we could start today by talking some more about some of the other persons that you have known, treated with in one fashion or another, or at least observed. Before I get to some specific names that I have here I'd like to make note of an op-ed column in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, June 27, with the headline, “A Conservative's Guide to Black Votes.” It's written by an A. Lawrence Chickering who is cited as being Executive Editor at the Institute for Contemporary Studies in San Francisco. My first question here is, first of all, do you know Lawrence Chickering, or know of him, and the organization?


No, I don't know of him. I don't even recognize the name. All I know is that that's becoming increasingly popular for self-designated conservatives to write and popularize conservative positions on almost everything, but particularly black votes. I was

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