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important development. I guess the Republicans expected that the presence of a black for state wide office, Democratic Party would have been negative, it would have been damaging to the chances of the Democrats winning. Even though the gap between the black Lieutenant Governor candidate and the white Republican was narrower than the gap for the female Attorney General and Republican opposition. That gap, by the way, was the largest gap in Virginia[?]. She lead the ticket, which I thought was interesting, which means the [Geraldine] Ferraro negative has not spread nationally. [Charles] Robb--I thought for a few minutes, I looked at the results and his role in it, I on my way back from Virginia, I was thinking to myself that Robb was probably going to be quite a candidate, maybe threatening Mr. Mario Cuomo.


Okay, we're talking about Charles Robb who, Governor of Virginia, one term governor because Virginia is one of the few states that still places a one term limit on governor. Now, if I'm recalling some voting statistics as reported correctly, Robb's election to the governorship almost had to be attributed to the black vote he got. Ninety-five percent or something like that. He did not get a majority of the white vote. I think the figure that I recall was that he got forty percent of the white vote, but then preceded to appoint quite a large number of blacks to state offices, and so forth.


That's quite true.


So he did not consolidate a--

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