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question of leaders, I'm not so sure that he used the word hostility here. He has discussed schizoid personality, though, and he mentioned [Adolf] Hitler in this but I suppose when you're thinking in this context would you be thinking of such leaders as [Muammar] Qaddafi of Libya, the Argentine generals before, when they were in power--?


Stalin, Reagan, [Idi] Amin. We've had a number of examples of leaders--[tape finishes]

[end of side one, reel one]

[beginning of side two, reel one]


This is a continuation of the interview with Dr. Kenneth B. Clark, November 7, 1985.

[tape stops and starts]


Dr. Clark, in case part of that was lost on the long leader, you were responding to my question of as to whether or not, in the context of today, you were thinking of such leaders whose hostility should be curbed as Qaddafi of Libya, generals when they were in power in Argentina and others. You mentioned a couple of others you had in mind.



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