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Were you also dressed quite a bit better than the other people in that school?


Oh yes. Oh, much better.


They were barefoot. You had shoes.


Oh yes. Oh yes. The distinction was stark. I mean, it was as bad as the distinction between the children who live on Park Avenue here and those that live in the middle of ZHarlem. Maybe worse.

Now, I do go to Jamaica, now, my wife and I, on vacations. And I did say to my wife that I wanted to retire in North Shore, and she said, “Not on your life..”

And I said, “Why not?”

She said, “Because you'd get involved in the social problems.”

I said, “No, I'd block it out.”

She said, “No, you wouldn't.” Because these distinctions still exist there. And I think it's just a matter of time before they're -- the workers in Jamaica do something about it. But I thought they were going to do something about it soon after independence, you know.


Well, if course there was this episode during the International Monetary Meeting, several weeks ago.


Yeah, but it's all spasmodic.

It's horrible. It's horrible, and you may no longer even have the excuse of colonialism, although the ruling class has been thoroughly indoctrinated by the colonial period.


This of course now is the black ruling class.

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