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forces over which he didn't have even conscious awareness, much less control. And there's validity to that.

But, after this geniusx idea, where do you with that? You know, what do you do with it? And I guess as I got older, I became more and more concerned with the technology of psychology, and when I look at the practitioners, I think they're immune to the kind of critical accountability that they should be subjected to, if they were surgeons.

I mean, I think Freud himself probably, if he were alive now, would probably have similar thoughts about the extent to which Freudianism has become essentially an economic device.


When you refer to technology, are you thinking primarily of psychoanalysis, the technique?


Well, yeah-- modification of behavior, individual and social, you know. I do not see that the technological component of Freudian theory has produced what it purports to produce, or what people who are making money from it say it produces.

I guess if I were a clinical psychologist, I wouldn't be so critical.

I'm looking at developments and research in organismic psychology to give us the break-throughs on behavior control and modification which we so desperately need.


Have you ever been attracted to clinical psychology?


Never. Never. Even when my wife and I founded Northside

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