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and Otto Kleinberg had persuaded the other members of their committee that they couldn't have a conference on healthy personality development of American children without looking at the problem of race, and the impact of race on personality development. The advisory committee was persuaded to invite me to prepare this report for the Mid-Century White House Conference.

Well, when Bob Carter went to Otto Kleinberg and told Otto, who had by the way worked with the NAACP before on equalization of salary cases, so he was known to the NAACP as a possible expert witness on these matters before the courts -- well, Otto told them that I had prepared the paper for the White House Conference.

Bob asked me about it, and told me what they had planned to do, in terms of the strategy of these cases, and asked if I, as a psychologist, could help on this?

I gave him the report that I had prepared about six months earlier for the White House Conference. The White House Conference was held in December of 1950. I had finished my report, I think, about September or maybe earlier. I'd finished it in time for it to be summarized and duplicated for use, and I gave Bob a copy of that report.

By the way, Kluger's book on SIMPLE JUSTICE has a rather accurate description of this.

Well -- I said to him, “Look, read this report, and if it's relevant to what you and your associates are planning, then maybe we could help you.”

So Bob read the report, and about two weeks later, he called,

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