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I said, “Yes, I know that. I suspected it. “Hilton never told me, but I knew. You know, I had some clues.

He said, “Don't worry.”

I said, “I'm not.”

You know, that was the kind of person he was, and that was the kind of relationship we had. And it was developed and strengthened in this HARYOU interval of my life.

Adam Powell was a person whom I came to know very well during this period, because by this time, the initial attempts at co-opting had been handled, I thought, fairly well by me, and Adam went off and set up his own operation in Harlem, Associated Community Teams -- you know, which was ACT. He put his man in charge, Livingston Wingate, who is now a judge, by the way.

And I thought that Adam was going to be satisfied with a parallel operation, which I immodestly knew could not compete with my operation, in terms of solidity-- you know, research, analysis, and reports. I knew that and I wasn't worried about it, but I knew that realistically, Adam had to have his -- to be quite candid, his pork barrel, as the price for leaving our operation alone.

As far as I was concerned, this was quite all right, and everybody else knew it. I mean, the Kennedys knew it. Wagner knew it. You know, the realistic politicians knew it. And I didn't care. I wasn't there to reform Adam or the political system. I was there to let the part of it that I was concerned with have its integrity, which I naively thought could be sustained throughout.

But there came a time when the document was ready, and it had

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