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of that scope and implications?”

Well, my idea of it was, “Look, Adam, “and others who were arguing this side, “you can build a monument to yourself by permitting this to be independent and to have its own integrity.”

Adam said, “To hell with that.” He very directly and explicitly thought to give me lessons in the realities of power, and political power in our society. He said, “You don't have monuments by ideal ideas. You have monuments only b by the amount of power that you use for your material advantage.”

He called the shots. He prophesied what a fight with him would mean, and what the end results would be, and he was absolutely right.

By this time, Kennedy had been assassinated, and Lyndon Johnson was President. He told me how totally dependent Lyndon Johnson was upon him for his “Great Society” legislations, so I was going to get no help there. He told me that Bobby Kennedy -- for the first time, I knew that Bobby Kennedy was going to run for Senator from New York state-- he told me that Bobby Kennedy, who was still then chairman of the President's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency, was going to run for Senator, and to use his words -- and by the way, these things are indelible in my mind -- he said, “Bobby Kennedy cannot afford another Buckley, “who was the Democratic Chairman of Bronx County.


That's Charles Buckley.


Yes. He said, “He needs me. You're not going to get any support from Bob Kennedy.”

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