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Israelis. Didn't you read where the Israelis knew all about the airport because they built it?”

I said, “Yep.”

It's curious. Oh, I've talked it out, you know.


When you made reference to the fact that this was a black country, were you leaving the inference that the Israelis would not have made this kind of attack, could they have arranged it logistically, in an Arab country?


May I say to you that, I didn't leave any “inference” -- I said it. He asked me what I thought, and I said, “This is what I think.” I thought that this would have been done only to a black country, where the calculation would be that they would be powerless to retaliate immediately, which is true. It's a great success because there has been no retaliation. If it had been done in an Arab country, the chances of immediate retaliation would have been greater.

Now, you may be hearing only the distortions of a bitter black, who has a reputation of being, you know, moderate and balanced and rational and intellectual and academic, but who is probably, deep down inside, corroded by the normative racism of our society.


You mentioned your friend's first name. Are you willing to put into the record his last name?


What difference does it make?

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