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ticket, get him a ticket.”

So I stayed up all that night, watching him enjoying himself in the ring too.

Well, he and Adam had this quality of commanding attention by not taking anything seriously. In a curious way, enjoying the ridiculousness of life.


Now, in your case, Dr. Clark, you have taken these things seriously. You have jumped in, in a certain sense, even flatfooted, and you have not necessarily enjoyed the aftermath.


Not particularly. Except that I do see the joke -- I mean, the comedy of the human experience. And I said to myself, if I ever founded a religion, it would be around the god of the pactical joke. I probably wouldn't be anywhere near as successful as Mr. Moon. Because in order to be a part of my religion, or church, the young people or middle aged people or older people -- I would not permit them to come in with the somber faces of Mr. Moon's followers. They would have to pass first the test of the ability to laugh at themselves, and laugh at why they were going to join my group dedicated to understanding that the human predicament, when you get right down to it, is a joke.


Again, a kind of a footnote question -- the Billy Graham audience tends to be rather somber, doesn't it?


No, I think they're grand, as a joke.

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