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MARC -- at the same time, concurrently, you were serving as a Regent. You still are a Regent, I believe?


Yes. You notice I didn't resign from that. Want to know why?




It would make too many people happy. I'm got in the business of making them happy.

And by the way, I hope that my friend Thurgood (Marshall) recovers, because a few years ago, you know, after he'd been ill the first time, I saw him at a testimonial for our friend Bill Hasty, who died last April, and after the testimonial, we went out, and I was inquiring about his health, and Thurgood said, “Kenneth, Brennan and I have made a pact. We're not going to die as long as Nixon is in the White House.”

Well, I don't want him to die, no matter who's in the White House. You know. I won't-- no, I really won't resign from the Regents until my term is up -- in 1984. It's a chore.


What have been your main focci as a Regent?


Oh, come now-- you know me better than that!

My gosh. I've been concerned with the various manifestations, subtleties, complexities and sophisticated forms of racism, as it effects institutions, educational institutions in this state. It's a terrible thing, that I've had to concentrate over 80 percent

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