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Yes. And there was at one time supervision, you know -- there was at one time principals who were being paid to observe, evaluate, supervise, the actual performance of their teachers.

Before this struggle at lunch, I told my friends, you know, that I was a little late for my luncheon date with them because I'd just come from a Regents' professional conduct and discipline committee. I was chairing the panel this morning, where we go over cases of doctors and nurses and accountants and pharmacists and what not, all professions except the legal profession, who are supposed to perform this function in terms of the Bar Association. But the Regents have the responsibility for all others.

And I was telling my friends about it -- (when they were still my friends)-- and they said, “Well, do you ever have teachers?”

And I said, “To my knowledge, never in the history of the Regents has a teacher been brought before the professional conduct and discipline committee of the Regents for professional misconduct.

They said, “Why?”

I said, “I don't know, except that they are given automatic immunity.”

They said, “Well, aren't there more teachers than any other profession?”

I said, “Yeah, which makes it all the more interesting.”


What about practice teaching? Isn't that done as part of evaluation now?

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