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And I kept burying myself in the State Department study and the Hazen study, you know, and the Stern study, and was not at all enthusiastic about getting down to writing that proposal.

You know when I wrote that proposal? The day before. And wrote it in a way that I was wishing that they would say, “Look, this is not acceptable in a way, we can't put our money into something like that.”

But they did. They put it in, and I was stuck.

Oh, I had another requirement which I thought they weren't going to buy -- and this by way of trying to support my conscious belief that I didn't want it, I didn't want to do it, that I wanted to be left alone. I said, “OK, if we do this, we're not going to do it within the framework of any academic institution”, because the Social Dynamics Research Institute had taught me -- see, I always learn my lessons late -- that I wasn't going to be bothered with research bureaucracy and -- at the college or anywhere else.

I didn't want it. I didn't want that grant to come through the Social Dynamics Research Institute, which it could easily have done. I said, “What you folks have to do is set up an independent operation, give me the freedom to express my Impossible administrative ability, which is”-- I'm the world's worst administrator, I guess because of impatience.

So, they bought that. You know. They got the lawyers to set up an independent agency, to get within a matter of weeks tax-exempt status. Well, when the did all that -- hell, there was nothing for me to do except tender my resignation as director of the

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