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I involved graduate students in some of our research, applied research here, and in some cases paid them-- you know, when they were involved beyond their own work. And the relationship with the City University was the very opposite of the relationship I had with the college, when I was under the aegis of the research bureaucracy at the college. I mean, it was six or seven years of a very positive kind of thing, marred only by a reporter for the POST responding to Larry and to my raising the question of the propriety of members of the Board of Education working for, full time for such agencies as the American Jewish Committee, while getting full time per diem as members of the Board of Education.

Bernie Bard of the POST, instead of addressing himself to the issue which we raised, raised the issue of “my moonlighting” by directing MARC, at the same time that I was full time on the payroll of the University.

Well, what happened was that, I think Al Bowker had left for Bekrkeley at that time, but his successor (Robert) Kibbee and others who knew of the agreement made a public statement in support of me, and stated the facts -- namely, that I was invited to continue without leave on the faculty. I suppose Al had put it in writing for me, but whatever, they made a beautiful statement.

But then, I have something to tell you -- that experience, more than any other single experience, determined my decision to retire early from the City College, from the University.

Another example of my perversity, you know. I was so damned

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