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Not really. The book was -- well, most books, that one particularly though, was agony to write. And certainly Jeanette -- who always believed in the book -- sustained me many times when I felt like just sort of giving it up. But the book came out pretty much the way I had seen it when we first started talking about it. I have one last book of that type to write, which is so much agany that -- well, my rationalization for procrastination is that

I don't want to do it. But I know I've got to do it. I have the title, and I have a room full of data, and I have about five or six drafts, you know, of various sections -- which I'm not going to use. I know I'm going to start from scratch.

I have the title: BEYOND THE GHETTO. And I don't know when it's coming out. I just hope I live long enough to bring it out. I'm committed to the Rockefeller Foundation, who, at the urgings of the late Ralph Bunche, made a grant to me, and to MARC, to do it. We spent six years or more collecting data, analyzing, synthesizing, putting together. And I've gone from one thing to another, to keep from coming to grips with that book-- knowing damn well that eventually I have to. And I know the book. I've written it and re-written it many times, in my mind, and partially on paper. And I'll be very surprised if it's any different from the book that's inside, you know.

Every book that I've written, may be with the exception of PATHOS OF POWER, has been pretty much -- the product has been pretty much what I saw when I first started thinking about the book. PATHOS OF POWER is different, in that it was, you know, a bringing

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