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no, because before the Hundred Black Men, -- it didn't change its name to Hundred Black Men until after Black became fashionable. It was in existence before the term “Black” became the general term for Negroes or colored people in America. I think they called themselves the Hundred Men, and then changed it to the Hundred Black Men.


You were discussing the different titles, 100 Black Men, 100 Men --


And I was saying that Bruce has strengthened the Hundred Black Men. I watched how he did it, really. He got around himself a small group of executives, the executive committee.

(We're having a 30th anniversary birthday party for Northside Center at Windows on the World, and I'd like to invite you to be our guest. It will be in October. CPC and His taking a table, so you'll be one of our guests.)

OK -- I was talking about Bruce, wasn't I?


Yes, and how he organized the Group.


Right. The secret of his success, as I have observed it, was that he had the capacity to select a tough, hard, independent-thinking group as his executive committee, a group over whom he could not run roughshod, by the way. I don't know whether that's grammatical or not -- but a group whom he had to respect, and that balanced beautifully is impetuosity, and I observed a few of their meetings, and I admired the way in which Bruce mixed humor and solidity and toughness, and future planning, and a sense of

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