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strategy, and the group that he has around him, his executive committee, seems to fit this style of his quite well, without being yes-men. In fact, they're the very opposite of yes-men.

For example, on that group of Bruce's is Dave Dinkens, Judge (James) Watson, Dick Clark, a man who's chairman and president of a black insurnace company, I think the United Mutual. I keep forgetting his name and he's a very solid person. He is treasurer, of the group --

I have a tremendous amount of respect for them individually and collectively, and I'm saying this not only because they are our tenants here. They have some important victories to their credit.

To me, one of the most dramatic victories had to do with Beame's attempt to select a token black deputy mayor, and Percy Sutton, who had come out very early for Beame, thought that he would have the sole power and authority to designate who the black deputy mayor was going to be, and he did. He asserted his authority, and came up with someone who was not acceptable to the Hundred Black Men, and they did a beautiful job of reversing the--

They planned it beautifully.. Their strategy was perfect. And I think they taught Percy a lesson. Percy probably thought that they weren't for real, or that they were in his hip pocket-- and they were all friends of Percy's, and still are, by the way, I think. But they had Beame go back on his naming of the person who Percy thought should be named, and then came the Dinkens nomination, which had its problems, and the (Joseph) Galliver nomination,

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